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Just what you need…

…a virtual assistant so efficient, you’ll swear I can stop time while I work!

Dear life coach, healing counselor, information product business owner, or other small business owner,

How many hours per week do you spend:

  • Formatting documents
  • Converting documents to PDF (including making sure all links work)
  • Creating online and PDF interactive forms
  • Setting up and maintaining your shopping cart
  • Setting up and maintaining your autoresponder
  • Updating your web pages
  • Updating your blog
  • Updating your article submission sites
  • Maintaining a social networking presence
  • Transcribing your own audios
  • Document or Photo Scanning
  • Typing handwritten notes
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Responding to general email inquiries

Now, take all of those hours of work per week you do and multiply them by the hourly rate your charge for your one-on-one clients. Given that your knowledge is specialized, I suspect the cost of you doing these mundane administrative tasks is MUCH higher than what I charge to do those exact same services.

Better than that?

Most of the time (depending on your admin skills and distractions), I can do them faster, because these things ARE my specialties  my focus and have been for over 17 years.

And you’re missing out!

Think of all the missed opportunities you have by spending all those hours per week doing this type of work.  While you’re doing these administrative tasks, you could be missing networking opportunities, potential client interface opportunities, travel opportunities, conference and training opportunities.
You have missed opportunities to double or even triple your own business.

And hey…

…if you’re like most business owners working from a home office, you created your business to have more money and more free time (either for your hobbies or your family or both!).  So why are you wasting that precious time doing administrative work?

Let me save you the time, allow room for more opportunities, and create free time for you. Contract with me as your virtual assistant today.

Who am I?

I’m Heather McMillan.  I’ve been doing virtual assistant work since 1996 either part-time or full-time.  In my corporate career, I was known as “the secretary who can turn 40 hour per week jobs into 20 hour (or sometimes less) per week jobs without sacrificing on quality and accuracy.”  I am the streamliner, the organizer, the prioritizer, the OCD Type-A Perfectionist extraordinaire who dares to push herself beyond what normal virtual assistants will do in terms of speed and accuracy.

I am renown in my own industry for helping over 100 other virtual assistants start their own businesses, and I have provided training seminars and programs for others to start virtual assistant businesses. Further, I have attended online and in person conferences to encourage and to support new and established virtual assistants with my famous, Virtual First Impressions seminars.

Additionally, I am always the first to buy and try new software, and people are always amazed by the speed in which I adapt to new software. I instruct others in the use of software, and to this day I get many questions from previous clients and employers on software like Excel, Adobe Professional, Dreamweaver, Word, PowerPoint, Quickbooks, and so many more.

As a virtual assistant, I was one of the first to get to know (and all its other names) inside and out, and I have instructed other virtual assistants on how to use it.  Also, I have taught other virtual assistants how to use aWeber and Constant Contact, autoresponder services for ezines and staying in touch with your clients and potential clients.  I learn new technology EVERY DAY and QUICKLY.  For some new technology is a struggle; for me it is breathing.

I understand the power of social networking and creating relationships with people. I know the importance and the brilliance of staying on the pulse of what is happening and changing now.

Some of my most popular services are:

  • Shopping Cart setup &/or management
  • Autoresponder setup &/or management
  • Website design &/or management (including splash pages and info product pages I work with HTML, Joomla, or WordPress!)
  • Newsletter design &/or management
  • Social Media Marketing (online events, products)
  • Quickbooks Bookkeeping (data entry)
  • Convert documents into PDF files for sale (ebooks, special reports, etc.)
  • Digital Transcription (convert those teleseminars into money making info products!)
  • and more!

I’m ready to help you take your virtual assistant business to the next level by saving money, freeing up time, and creating room for more opportunities with my skills and abilities.

Get started today by contacting me.  Visit my online store to check out some of my most commonly purchased services. After a consultation, I know I can get you going toward the freedom you deserve!